1) MASKS: Have made a huge come back this year from multitasking to sheet masks & something that we have been doing in house for years, ‘patch working’ your masks for different concerns. This means using masks suitable for the different skin concerns. A clarifying mask on oily areas, a hydrating for parched areas for example.

2) BOOSTERS: Ultra concentrated fluids that can be added to your moisturiser, for instance, allowing you to tailor make your skincare. We LOVE Elena Rubin Biogenisis serum exclusively from U & your Skin in the UK.

3) SPF EVERYWHERE: Not just to be applied to the obvious areas you’ll see this sneaking into makeup including eye shadows to ensure more comprehensive protection. HURRAH!

4) BEAUTY GADGETS: Prevalent in the U.S. & Asia gadgets are set to sweep over here! Check out Exfolimate exclusive to our skin lounge.

5) FATTY ACIDS: We’ve been talking good fats for over a decade to our clients. Now not just good enough to eat but also to be found in some skincare too.

From Obsession to Acceptance

Nika Bekavac, 22, went on her first diet when she was just 11 years old, losing 30 pounds in three weeks leading up to a family vacation in 2005. By 2013, she was doing hours of cardio a day, fasting for as long as she could, and bingeing and purging about five times a day, she recalls. “I decided that I needed to get treatment if I wanted to live, and in February of 2014, I sought therapy [for bulimia nervosa].”

Today, Nika has traded in restrictive diets and excessive cardio for nourishing meals and muscle gains, sharing inspirational progress photos with her nearly 50,000 Instagram followers. Recovery didn’t happen with her first lift, or even when she started to notice herself getting more muscular, though. “It just shifted my obsession from restricting in the hopes of being thin, to wanting to be super lean with muscle mass,” says Nika. “But with time and with therapy, having strength training in my life helped me significantly change my body image.”

Now, her goals aren’t about creating some sort of ideal body, but focusing on getting stronger. “When I hit a new personal record for a lift, it is so much more rewarding than seeing the number on the scale going down,” she says.

They Were Deployed When Their Wives Were Pregnant. Watch What Happens When They Return Home…

It’s in 2012, and the Afghan war is still on. US troops are being deployed to and from Afghanistan, but something stands out about these two guys. This is the nice story of Airmen Domenic Mash and Keith Graft. It’s great!

It all started when 2 airmen were killed in combat and, then these two guys were sent in to replace them. However, the airmen had wives at home, and these wives were pregnant. It’s sad, you know, but there’s something else you don’t know yet!

The soldiers weren’t home with their families when their wives gave birth to their first kids, but then something happened and brought the spark back. In fact, it happened live on TV. In the video, you watch as the ladies salute the troops via the screen, but then they’ve no idea of what’s going on in the backstage. You’re going to cry about this!

This is too lovely, and you really need to check out this cool clip right now and see what happened next. Grab some tissue – it’s about to get emotional. Be sure toSHARE this with your buddies on Facebook. Wow!